Cylinder Exchange

Simple, Flexible, Sustainable Pure Water To Your Site

  • Process and production costs being driven down
  • Optimal performance a must

We offer a range of exchangeable cylinders direct to your door, capable of removing trace contaminants and improving water quality of deionised, RO permeate or tap water.

With flow rates available from 200 – 4720 litres per hour in our standard range and up to 10,000 litres per hour, available on request and typical water quality ranging from 1 – 0.055µs/cm we can help you find an ideal solution to meet your requirements.

Our cylinder exchange service simply collects cylinders which contain exhausted media, and replace them with cylinders containing virgin media, ensuring customers uninterrupted onsite operation.

Exchange Cylinder Capabilities include:

  • Removing trace ionic impurities from deionised water
  • Polishing reverse osmosis (RO permeate and basic grade deionised water)
  • Reducing and controlling total organic carbon (TOC) in ultra pure water systems
  • Removing dissolved solids from town mains
  • Protecting RO and deionisation plants against organic fouling
  • Reducing chlorine, colour, taste, and odour from potable or process supplies
  • Removing compounds such as humic and fulvic acid

Benefits of the Envirogen Cylinder Exchange Service

  • No chemicals required in the process, ensuring no chemical storage or handling is required on site
  • No waste water or effluent is sent to drain – reducing costs
  • Easily upgradable, meeting increased water volume and quality demand as required
  • No capital investment necessary

A simple, flexible, sustainable way to supply Pure Water to your site

Our standard range incorporates the following products, each available in a number of sizes to match your requirement.

MB Standard mixed bed quality resins – used for improving process water to achieve demineralised water quality, typically 1 – 0.1µs/cm.
NMB Nuclear grade resins – used for the production of ultra high pure water, suitable for use in a range of industries including micro electronics and nuclear. Water quality typically 1 – 0.0551µs/cm
EXPLUS Very highly regenerated resins – specifically rinsed to provide ultra high purity water requiring low organic levels, suitable for applications such as critical micro electronics and pharmaceutical. Water quality typically 1 – 0.0551µs/cm
AC Standard activated carbon – removes chlorine and chloramines as well as many dissolved organic contaminants. It can be used as part of an ion exchange system or before an RO unit to prevent damage from oxidation or organic fouling.
BCC  Specific organic reduction media – suitable for use as a pre treatment for RO systems.


We can assist in ensuring that your specific requirement is met appropriately.

Flow Rates (Litres / Hour) Pressure drops (Bar)   Capacity output (m³) 1mg/litre of impurities)
MB Range 200 – 2820 0.3 – 2.0 360 – 1500
NMB Range 200 – 4225 0.3 – 4.0 675 – 2820
AC Range 200 – 4225 0.1 – 1.7 270 – 1130
EX Plus Range 200 – 4720 0.2 – 4.0 675 – 2820
BCC Range 400 – 2300 0.3 – 1.4 200 – 600

To ensure a high level of quality control and to offer peace on mind, full traceability of product and process is maintained in our Cylinder Exchange facility.

More products plus discounts for multiple cylinder exchange purchases are available enabling further savings for your company.

Contact our service office to discuss your requirements either on 01934 741631 or email

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