Project Management

Envirogen Water Technologies has an extensive track record and many successful years of executing projects within the diverse markets they serve, including food and beverage, industrial and healthcare.  At Envirogen, We have developed a robust project management quality system that enables consistently on-time, on-budget delivery of complex integrated projects, always meeting and sympathetic to the stringent regulations each market faces.

Project process
The Envirogen philosophy is centred on a customer focused approach utilising our industry knowledge to deliver exactly to our customers developing needs. We understand the importance of strategic water management and always key during our project execution cycle is first class two way communication to ensure that every advantage for the customer is considered.

Health and safety is integral to our execution cycle from project launch to project handover we are constantly assessing and controlling all risks and ensuring the highest levels of design, onsite health and safety and environmental protection.

We are proud that our project development team are at the cutting edge of industrial expertise, and work seamlessly with both the project execution and the service and commissioning team who are ready to provide all post-contract maintenance and operation excellence. This provides a unique complete package of services to our clients giving them full confidence in the long lasting satisfaction of the projects undertaken.

“Without the assistance of Envirogen and knowledge of those people involved in solving the problem by the installation of two emergency and temporary pH correction systems I would of been forced to dispose of our effluent to two regional sewerage works which would of been a significant on-cost to my business.  Many thanks once again.”

Amanda Wright, Purchasing Manager, Welcome Foods


Envirogen Water Technologies