Dealkalisation Plant

Dealkalisation is used to remove hard ions associated with alkalinity, from a feed water source.  Dealkalisation systems are used as a pre treatment to softeners when a water source contains high level of alkalinity, and is associated with high levels of carbon dioxide in the stream. The two stage dealkalisation process includes base exchange followed by carbon dioxide gas stripping.


The Puresep standard range of Base Exchange Dealkalisation Plant effectively reduces:

  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness salts

from the water giving a water of the following composition:

  • Bicarbonate alkalinity – less than 5% average of the input alkalinity
  • Total dissolved solids reduction – approximately equal to the temporary hardness
  • Total hardness – less than 4 ppm

Combining the dealkalisation range with the softening plant range gives fully dealkalised and softened water

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