Oxygen and carbon dioxide in water can have a debilitating affect.  Dissolved oxygen content in the feed water is a large factor in determining the amount of corrosion that will take place in piping, boiler and condensate handling equipment.

Beverages are sensitive to dissolved oxygen. Taste and colour can be substantially changed. Additionally, dissolved oxygen adversely affects filler performance.

De-eration and de-gassing technologies are typically used to remove or add atmospheric gases such as oxgyen and carbon dioxide from liquids. Probably the most common application is the de-aeration of water to reduce the oxygen content. This is carried out by using a hydrophobic membrane.

Gas Transfer Principles

  • Gasses in the atmosphere dissolve into water until equilibrium is reached
  • Equilibrium between the liquid and gas phase is offset when a vacuum and/or source of strip gas is applied
  • This creates a driving force to move gasses from the liquid phase into the gas phase

Puresep’s Deaeration units have been specially developed to meet the requirements of various industries in removing oxygen and carbon dioxide from water.

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