Wastewater Plant

Managing water properly is a challenge, and the bigger your company, the bigger the challenge. Now more than ever businesses are required to demonstrate a commitment to water sustainability.

At Puresep, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges and pressuremanufactures face toreduce their water usage and costs. Today’s best practices in water treatment focus onachieving operational efficiencies, energy reduction, environmental impact minimisation and waste-to-energy solutions.

At Puresep, as part of the Envirogen Group, we offer a suite of technologies to treat the dirtiest of water. Cleaned water can then be re-used or safely dischargedthus reducing environmental impact and water costs. Where required and for more complex situations, Puresep can integrate a variety of technologies into a comprehensive solution that sits alongside your process manufacturing plant.

Technologies include one of the industry’s leading biological treatment portfolios as well as ion exchange and physical-chemical systems with broad-spectrum applicability and high performance.

Wastewater Technologies Include:

Conventional Wastewater Treatment

  • Flow balancing & pH correction
  • DAF (dissolved air flotation)
  • Physio-chemical treatment
  • Coagulation & sedimentation
  • Direct filtration

Advanced Wastewater Treatment

  • MBRs (membrane bioreactor)
  • Anaerobic & Aerobic treatment
  • FBR (fluidised bed reactor)
  • SCR (suspended carrier reactor)
  • Recycle Water Systems
  • Rinse Water Recovery
  • DACS (Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System)

Waste Water Treatment Solutions

  • Effluent and Process Analysis
  • Turnkey System Design
  • Best Fit Technology
  • Waste Water Re-use
  • Pilot and Consultancy Services
  • Design Build Operate Finance Options
Envirogen Water Technologies