UltraViolet Irradiation

UltraViolet Irradiation (UV) is primarily employed as a disinfection process.

The Process:
Inactivates waterborne pathogens without using chemicals, UV light changes the DNA and protein structure of viruses and bacteria and stops them from reproducing.

The Advantages include:

  • Effective for all types of microorganisms
  • Low capital, operating and maintenance costs
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Efficacy is independent of pH
  • No impact to the aesthetic water quality
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly

Case Study:
A Puresep Water UV system was recently installed at a soft drinks production factory, as a final sterilisation process. Upstream of the UV, town’s water is treated with a chlorine sterilant, to a prescribed residual with contact time.  To prevent water or final product tainting, a PureFlow Carbon adsorption process removes free residual chlorine.  Post UV, final filters offer cryptosporidium protection before supply to product make up.  A PureFlow Reverse Osmosis system treats the product make up water, to supply low mineral content water for isotonic beverage production, with a point of use UV steriliser on the treated water storage tank outlet.

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