PureChlor Chlorine Dioxide

PureChlor chlorine dioxide is where chlorine dioxide is produced through the tightly controlled mixing of Puregen base reagents. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfectant making it an effective and fast acting killer, by breaking down cell walls and attacking bio film leaving no resistant strains. It is well suited to a range of water treatment applications at low concentration, including CIP, feed water, product water and water re-use.  The PureChlor systems are PLC Controlled with full safety features and multiple point of use.
Benefits include:

  • Fast acting killer unaffected by the pH range it operates in
  • Hugely efficient low chemical usage ensuring a safer environment for everyone
  • Zero harmful chlorinated by-products
  • Easy future expansion
  • Single reagent storage area

Click here to download a presentation about Chlorine Dioxide and PureChlor.

Case Study

A PureChlor Chlorine Dioxide system has been installed at Universal Beverages (part of Heineken), where the system feeds five points of use, these applications are; de-aerated liquor, softened towns water, 2 CIP lines and post carbon filtered water.

Chris Newall Operations director, UBL says:

“the PureChlor chlorine dioxide system is very efficient for our needs and the fact that we can use one system with numerous points of use makes it operationally beneficial and cost effective”

For further details please download the case study on the right hand side of this page, or the datasheets below.

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