Membrane Technologies

Membrane Technologies

We provide expert advice on the best methods for you to use at your site ensuring costs, regulatory and process targets are met.


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Industry today calls for filtration process systems that offer high performance and productivity as well as being both economical and efficient. With prices being squeezed and competition getting tighter, we understand the importance of keeping costs low and quality at a premium, we have answered calls from customers and industry alike by developing the Pureflow™ Microfiltration System – an efficient and economical membrane technology for a variety of applications and industries.

We have designed, installed and commissioned membrane technology solutions in a number of Blue Chip Company’s including Halewood, Bulmersand Universal Beverages, our expert advice on the best methods for you to use at your site ensure costs, regulatory and process targets are met.

Processes available include:

What is Membrane Technology?

Membrane technology is a term that refers to a number of different filtration processes that are used to separate substances in a wide variety of applications. The process is based on the presence of a semi permeable membrane. The membrane acts as a filter that allows liquid to flow through while it catches suspended solids and other substances.

There are various ways to enable substances to penetrate a membrane, including the application of high pressure, the maintenance of a concentration gradient on both sides of the membrane or the use of an electric current.

Membrane filtration has a number of benefits over the existing water purification techniques:

  • It can take place while temperatures are low. This is important because it enables the treatment of heat-sensitive matter. That is why these applications are widely used for food production.
  • It has low energy costs. The total amount of energy that is used is minor, compared to alternative techniques, such as evaporation.
  • The process can easily be expanded.

There have been significant improvements in membrane technologies and due to the tightening of water requirements membranes are now potentially a lower cost alternative for many treatment applications. However for each application where membranes are being considered, the makeup of the liquid to be treated along with performance requirements needs to be carefully evaluated.

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