Containerised Plant Solutions

Envirogen Water Technologies, Puresep’s parent company provide containerised water treatment systems across Europe ensuring rapid response for a full range of water treatment and filtration solutions. Supplying high quality water treatment systems for all kinds of temporary or longer term needs, the systems are built, tested and pre-commissioned prior to arriving on site, ensuring maximum use for our food and beverage customers.

As part of our services we provide system analysis and design through to installation, maintenance, upgrades and emergency response.

Why choose a mobile water treatment system

  1. To help you meet changes in demand quickly and efficiently
    • New products with specialist requirements including large or small batch production
    • Emergency water requirements
    • Seasonal / peak water demand
    • Temporary change in water quality requirement
  2. To ensure production continuity
    • Planned / unplanned maintenance outages
    • Prevention of interference to water supply during new plant start up and commissioning
    • De-aerator bypass during annual inspection
  3. To overcome issues of limited space
    • When space is limited within current building facilities, mobile systems can be located anywhere on site

The benefits include:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Flexible positioning of system on site
  • Tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Saves time and money on both new plant and repair projects
  • No outlay of capital investment
  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity
  • Centralised 24/7 service back up and support
  • Flexible financial options for leasing (both long and short term), renting or buying
  • CIP carried out when necessary
  • Remote access to the PLC is available through a modem giving additional security

Systems can include and are not limited to the following:

Pre treatment systems – including multimedia, carbon, softeners, particulate and iron removal filters for:

      • Ion exchange systems
      • Brackish water RO plants
      • Seawater RO plants
      • Antiscalants / dispersants, biocides, polymers,
      • Specialised CIP etc
      • Pilot plant testing systems
      • Condensate recovery and polishing systems
      • RO systems
      • Deionisation systems
      • Specialist process treatment systems for manufacturing, waste water treatment or recovery
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