Cartridges and Housings

Whatever your filtration, separation or cartridge housing needs, our extensive cartridge and housing range provides modern and efficient solutions.  Manufactured using a wide range of depth and membrane filter media and with filtration ratings from 0.2 micron microbial to 200 microns absolute these filters can be used as pre filters, final filters and sub micron membrane filters.  They can be used in new installations or as replacement cartridges in existing sites.

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Technology Platform


Depth Filipor wound cartridges, Deltapor Melt blown (absolute & nominal), Deltapor Large Diameter,Deltapor Plus absolute rated melt blown
Pleated Poliflo Range (polypropylene, polyester, glass fibre), Poliflo II Plus, high end absolute rated pleated filter
Bags Fluxflo Range of filter bags, nominal & absolute in a wide variety of media
Membrane Bevflo Polyethersulphone – (General, F&B), Bioflo Polyethersulphone (Pharma), Bevflo/Bioflo Nylon, Bioflo PTFE
Capsules Range of capsule products
Activated Carbon Cartridges Carbopor CP Series Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
Housings Stainless Steel, Plastic and VHP Series
Envirogen Water Technologies