We supply a complete selection of products and technologies depending upon your requirements.

Membrane Technologies Sterilisation and Disinfection
 – Reverse Osmosis  – Chlorine Dioxide Plant
 – Ultrafiltration  – UV Plant
 – Microfiltration  – Electrochlorination
 – Deaeration
Ion Exchange Filtration Technologies
Softeners Plate, Frame and Sheet Filters
Demineralisation Plant Iron Removal
– Dealkalisation Plant Activated Carbon
Multimedia Filtration
 – Cartridges and Housings
Orion Sheet Filter Spare Parts and Filter Sheets Cartridges and Housings
– Chemicals – Supply and Management Process Treatment Aids
Containerised Plant Wastewater Plant
 DACS (Downflow Anaerobic Carrier System)

The world’s first carrier based anaerobic technology designed for industrial wastewater treatment







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