FilterCare Overhaul

Our aim is to make your filtration process as problem free as possible, working at its peak performance, aiding you in achieving the competitive strength and profitability that you desire.
Our filter care offering will ensure you:

  • Prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Optimise product, process and equipment performance
  • Increase production
  • Improve reliability
  • Minimise costs
  • Maximise efficiencies

Onsite Process Audit

Our FilterCare solution starts with an onsite audit, ensuring we fully understand your filtration process and the issues you face onsite. This is paramount in making recommendations that will ensure you achieve your end goals. Our fully trained in-house engineers are experts in the filtration and separation process, each has a vast amount of experience and resource to work from. Our engineers will come on site, at a time convenient to you and will undertake the process audit to establish what issues you are facing and what’s causing them

Typical issues include:

  • Plate & Frame filters suffering from poor filter pack condition, leading to powder breakthrough and product losses due to edge leakage.
  • Hydraulic system failures leaving equipment inoperable
  • Electrical control circuit failures resulting in extended and unplanned downtime 
  • Inefficient production procedure: for example incorrect dosing ratios versus product flow-rate & filterability, this in turn increases effluent, downtime & decreases throughput.

The Audit Report

Following the onsite visit, our engineers complete a detailed and substantial audit report, highlighting the issues you are facing and make recommendations for work that needs to be undertaken to ensure you are operating at optimum levels and capability. A full cost, benefit analysis is undertaken and communicated to you to ensure you can assess where the priority issues are.

Recommendations helping you achieve optimum productivity

New requirements and the need for greater production means that the equipment and parts you invested in a few years ago may now be the source of a bottleneck or environmental problem. Refurbishment and upgrade of existing plant is a way of extending a systems life as well as being a cost effective alternative to improve the running costs, ease of operation and general performance of older equipment.

Upgrades, refurbishments, and overhauls

Puresep keep a supply of reconditioned, as new orion filter plates, frames, seals, handles and shoes. Ensuring these are correct and fitted correctly will improve the operation of the plant.

We can also recondition existing packs. Our engineers have the skills, knowledge and expertise to undertake full hydraulic overhauls as well as complete electrical upgrades to conform with latest legislation.

Puresep also have the skills, on Orion 60’s, to change the manual orion closure mechanism to fully automated, using a hydraulic cyclinder and power pack – giving the operator a simple on / off button. Thus reducing health and safety hazards onsite.

Expert Knowledge

We know that every site has specific production requirements, we listen to what these are and make recommendations to ensure your process is optimised Your onsite operators are fundamental in ensuring you get the most out of your equipment. We can work with you to tailor a training programme to suit your needs thus reducing downtime and costs. 

Filtration Consumables, Spare Parts and Exchange Components

To ensure our reliability as your partner, we hold a number of replacement parts in stock, saving you a great deal of time and expense. These can be held on site or are ready for immediate dispatch from our warehouse, minimising downtime and guaranteeing a high level of functionality and operational reliability.

These items include:

  • Orion Filter Sheets – all grades and sizes,
  • Keiselguhr powder – in various pack sizes
  • Machinery spare parts – shoes, handles, seals
  • Emergency exchange components – vital, frequently required reconditioned components are already preassembled and tested ready for quick and easy fitting by onsite trained staff


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