PureSec Electrochlorination

PureSec Electrochlorination systems generate onsite chlorine solution.

The Process:
Brine is converted to produce 1% chlorine solution by electrolysis; salt and power are the raw materials for the process. The solution is safe to store and stable for long periods with no loss of activity.  Multiple points of use can be applied from a common storage tank, with dosing control feedback via specific ion residual sensors.

Over recent years the PureSec electrochlorination system has gained favour, due to the elimination of transportation, handling and storage of chlorine gas or other disinfection chemicals. This results in a safe, reliable and economic method of disinfection.  The full range of PureSec systems are PLC controlled and have the flexibility to be configured to site specific process control requirements.  It is well suited to the treatment of product water, drinking water, cooling water, as well as other industrial applications.

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