Broad solutions for managing water

The Envirogen Group is a true total solutions provider for the Power Industry.

We have particular expertise in treating water for boiler make-up applications, processing water waste streams and where possible utilising alternative non-potable water supplies.

We have the flexibility as a technology neutral company to provide the best available process solutions to suit each application and will incorporate emerging technologies as well as traditional technologies into our suite of process solutions.

We also can manage boiler, cooling tower and effluent chemistry ensuring optimum plant performance and environmental compliance at all times.

Having Envirogen manage all your process water requirements will ensure stability, security and reduced operational costs for your power station whether it be fossil fuel, biomass or nuclear generation.

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  • Power solutions

    Boiler water treatment
    Cooling water treatment
    Chemical supply/management
    Process water treatment
    Metals recovery
    Odor Control
    Rinse water treatment
    Water recovery & re-use
    Wastewater treatment
    Service/support agreements

Envirogen Water Technologies