Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Envirogen have extensive know-how in the oil and gas sector, offering plant and filtration systems for petrochemical and oil industries, gas and air treatment as well as refinery operations. Where Envirogen delivers environmental & materials recovery solutions with technically-advanced treatment systems and expert services. All our systems are manufactured according to international standards and come complete with specification.

To help manage oil and gas water needs, we offer a complete range of equipment, process solutions and operations & maintenance services for produced water treatment, water recovery & water reuse. We also provide treatment systems that remove a broad range of contaminants from wastewater and groundwater.

In vapor or air treatment applications, our technologies remove volatile organic contaminants (VOCs) including hydrogen sulfide through the use of adsorptive technology and biofiltration.

Envirogen also provides sophisticated materials recovery solutions for solvents and catalysts like molybdenum and cobalt to enhance environmental performance and to re-use these expensive materials.

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Fluxa Filtri, part of the Envirogen Group will be exhibiting at ADIPEC, “we’d love you to visit us!”.



  • Refinery SolutionsBoiler water treatment
    Catalyst recovery
    Process water treatment & purification
    Solvent recovery
    Vapor phase treatment of organics & odors
    Cooling water treatment
    Groundwater treatment
    Wastewater treatment
    Water recovery & re-use Process Fluids in Refineries
    Technical gas in Refineries
    Off-shore water injection
    Amine filtration
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