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In a world where environmental regulations are becoming more restrictive and financial resources are always tight, Envirogen develops technology and service solutions for drinking water, wastewater and groundwater remediation that keep people safer and help communities thrive.

For drinking water utilities, as traditional water supplies become compromised through natural or man-made contaminants, as they become scarce or too expensive, Envirogen develops treatment solutions based upon ion exchange, adsorptive media, coagulation filtration and biological systems to treat new sources of groundwater or to put contaminated sources back into service. Today, Envirogen treats millions of gallons of drinking water worldwide.

In publicly-owned wastewater treatment facilities, Envirogen employs a broad range of technologies to help meet regulatory requirements and lower costs. These include biological treatment that improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of traditional technologies or that can eliminate with hard-to-treat industrial compounds. We also have, and continue to develop, ‘green’ technologies for nutrient removal and odor control for wastewater treatment facilities.

As groundwater contamination becomes an issue for our increasingly threatened waterways, the Envirogen team has a successful history of installing systems to effectively treat groundwater contamination from past industrial, commercial, agricultural and military activity to produce water suitable for reinjection, reuse or surface discharge.

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