Mining & Minerals


Best-in-class’ technology to meet emerging needs

Envirogen has specialized technologies for treating potable water, process water and wastewater for mining sites to meet the compliance, quality, reliability and cost efficiency requirements that the industry demands.

At the leading edge, Envirogen technology portfolio designed to respond to the selenium treatment requirements for mining waters. Our patented fluidized bed reactor biological treatment technology has been proven as a ‘best in class’ approach for handling both large and small flow rates of selenium-containing wastewater, with low capital and operating costs, and over a wide range of influent and discharge limit conditions.

Our process for ammonia removal utilizes proprietary ion exchange technology to strip ammonia from contaminated mine water. This process allows mines to use efficient explosives – producing more charges per day and increased production.

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  • Mining/Minerals Solutions

    Ammonia removal
    Selenium treatment
    Catalyst recovery
    Groundwater treatment
    Process water treatment
    Solvent recovery
    Wastewater treatment
    Water recovery & re-use

Envirogen Water Technologies