Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

Process improvement. Materials recovery. Environmental treatment.

The Envirogen team has proven capabilities in delivering cost-effective system designs and ongoing services throughout the chemical manufacturing process – in the areas of process improvement, materials recovery and in environmental treatment.

On the manufacturing side, Envirogen has a range of sophisticated water treatment & purification technologies that can help improve product quality and optimize throughput and efficiency. Our technologies can also help purify in-process and by-product streams to enhance product quality and also help recover valuable materials such as metals, catalysts and solvents for re-use – to reduce costs.

In the environmental area, Envirogen offers solutions for difficult-to-manage organic and inorganic contaminants both in aqueous and vapor phases – within the plant, in a facility’s wastewater treatment system and beyond.

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  • CPI SolutionsBoiler water treatment
    Catalyst recovery
    Cooling water treatment
    Groundwater treatment
    Metals recovery
    Process water treatment & purification
    Purification of in-process streams
    Solvent recovery
    Sterile water services
    Vapor phase treatment of organics & odors
    Water softening
    Wastewater treatment
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