Multimedia Filtration

Multimedia filtration produces high quality, filtered water at a much faster flow rate than traditional sand filtration.

The Process:

Multimedia filtration is a vessel that contains three or more different media’s rather than the traditional single media.  Typically these vessels contain:

  • Anthracite
  • Sand
  • Garnet

These medias are used due to the difference’s in mass between the materials, (Garnet is the heaviest, sand is intermediate and anthracite is the lightest).  Following backwash anthracite (the largest particle size) sits at the top of the vessel, the mid size (sand) settles in the middle and garnet, (the heaviest but smallest) settles at the bottom.  This allows the largest dirt particles to be removed first and the smaller particles will be retained deeper within the media.This allows much longer filter runs between backwash and much more efficient dirt or turbidity removal.

A multimedia filter normally removes particles from 10 -25 microns, sand filters typically remove particles 25 – 50.

We supply a range of multimedia filtration units.  Click here to download our datasheet.





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