Utility Feed Water

The removal of contaminants from untreated water has become a leading issue, due to environmental concerns as well as the threat of future water shortage, each product has stringent requirements for water quality.

Prior to water being utilised in a boiler, cooling or process water system, it is necessary to condition and ‘pre-treat it’ so it is suitable for use. This will help to improve the water quality before it enters the system, and minimises the use of chemical treatments afterwards. The type of plant or equipment required will depend upon factors such as the raw water quality and the application. Puresep’s technical experts can provide guidance and make recommendations for this.

Our extensive range of water treatment technology is cost effective, reliable and tailored to our customer’s requirements.  Your feed water and its subsequent use, will determine the processes used to treat your water.  Processes used include:

Ion Exchange –


A large selection of spares are also available together with service packages on new or existing equipment.

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